Stainless Steel 8 oz. Phin

Prettiest phin you've ever seen, and the last one you'll ever want.  This is a restaurant-quality, heavy duty stainless steel phin that makes a full 8 oz cup of great Vietnamese coffee.  The loose tamper is easy to use, and the extended handle is elegant and saves your fingers.


The original K-cup®, without the waste! Authentic, Single-serving Vietnamese coffee maker, made of Hi-grade Stainless Steel.


Vietnamese Coffee Maker or Phin

The essential piece of equipment for making a good cup of Vietnamese coffee is the small metal phin filter which looks like a tiny cup and saucer. This is a four-piece item, consisting on the filter body itself, a metal ‘saucer’ that sits on top of the coffee cup, a press to tamp the coffee, and a lid to go over the lot.


How to use the Phin

Put 1 rounded tablespoon of coarsely-ground coffee (about 20 grams) into the Vietnamese coffee maker filter body.

Gently shake the coffee to level it, then insert the press and tamp the coffee lightly. Leave the tamping device in place.

Pre-heat the cup with boiling water and sit the cup saucer on top of the empty cup. Sit the coffee filter chamber on the saucer.

Pour just a half-ounce of boiling water into the filter and leave it until the coffee has absorbed the water. This is the secret step! If all the water is simply poured straight in, weak coffee will flow through the filter with lots of grounds. By allowing the coffee to swell and absorb the small amount of water first, a good cup is assured.

Once the water has been absorbed, fill the chamber with boiling (not just hot) water and put the lid on to retain heat. Be prepared to wait 4-6 minutes for the water to drain through. Lift the unit to check after 3-4 minutes or use a glass so that the process can be observed. Once the process is finished, the inverted lid can be used to house the messy filter.

Stainless Stell 8 oz phin
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